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LUMINOUS: The Graphic Novel - Teaser Trailer Vote!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

In the run-up to the manga's release, Horizon Publishing, artist Aximetrik__ and yours truly; le author, will create an animated teaser trailer featuring a scene from Luminous, selected by YOU!

Yes, YOU!

Head on over to Luminous: Book 1 (Revised) .Relive memorable scenes, and choose the GOAT! The following epic, action-packed scenes with the most votes will be animated for the trailer!


1. “The Dragon”


Scene overview: During the Crosset Famine, a band of peasant farmers was tasked with kidnapping a young nobleman to force his father to send food relief to Crosset. However, along the way, the party was ambushed by a dragon that seemingly appeared out of thin air. Amidst the ensuing chaos, their hostage was snatched away, presumably to his death.

2. “The Greeneye”


Scene overview: Discriminated against for her glowing green eyes, Crossetian peasant girl Meya Hild often resorted to underhanded means to earn a living wage. After her latest shenanigan went awry, Meya escaped the notorious Ice Pillory with a hefty fine she could not pay. Lord Crosset then delivered her father Mirram a shocking ultimatum.

3. “Meya’s Deal”


Scene overview: When a band of ruthless mercenaries, led by the enigmatic Greeneye, Gillian, ambushed Lady Arinel’s entourage, seeking a treasure they do not have, Meya proposed the ingenious scheme which started it all.

4. “Gillian’s Plan”


Scene overview: After Arinel’s array of sleeping draughts incapacitated all participants of the wedding party except Meya, saving them from Gillian’s aconite, Gillian retaliated by kidnapping the Hadrian family, Meya and Arinel to force Coris to hand over The Axel.

5. “The Traitorous Spare”


Scene overview: Coris’s rescue party of war hounds and yeomen was forced to stand down when Gillian took the seemingly asleep Zier at knifepoint. Negotiations soon soured and astounding secrets were revealed on both sides.


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