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Over a decade ago, in one of countless sweltering classrooms in the suburbs of eastern Thailand, 

Jeidafei, then in her last year of middle school, pressed the tip of her pen onto the page of her ruled notebook and began to write.


A year and several spent notebooks later, Jeida was given her first personal laptop as she left her hometown for a highschool in Bangkok. Separated from the dear friends she had once shared her stories with, yet presented with newfound freedom, this new page of Jeida's life also marked her transition to online writing.


Over the next ten years, Jeida honed her skills by writing stories set in the realm of her all-time favorite Thai novel series, The Thief of Baramos, sharing them with a lively community of fellow fans. Yet, even then, Jeida was aware that her stories and characters were too rich and original to fully thrive within the confines of another's world.


It wasn't until early 2020, on the cusp of the global pandemic, when Jeida, now working fulltime in Japan, took a leap of faith and dusted off the concept for her first original story she'd had languishing on the backburner over the years, 

that Luminous first came to life.

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